our fits are the result of understanding and deep appreciation of denim history paired with our personal need to make a jean that we actually wanted to wear. not for trends. not to suit an image or lifestyle. not to replicate existing formulas within the industry.

real jeans for real people.

imogene + willie: undisclosed

our third home: los angeles

open Tuesday - Saturday from 11:00 am. to 5:00 pm.

we’re thrilled to announce that we are keeping open shop hours, beginning November 26th through December 23rd you can come visit us at our new home in Los Angeles - no appointment necessary.

we can’t wait to see you.

imogene + willie nashville

in 2009 we set up shop in Nashville, Tennessee
in a 1950s service station.

it started with the desire to make what we couldn’t find.
a perfectly fitting jean...

or perhaps more precisely:
to make perfect jeans for our imperfect bodies.

2601 12th avenue south, nashville, tennessee
(615) 292-5005
1306 west burnside street, portland, oregon
(971) 302-6024