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imogene + willie

“keep some room in your heart
for the unimaginable.”

– mary oliver

imogene + willie
imogene + willie

the effortless simplicity we all want from a pair of jeans... complimented by a timeless, powerful, feminine silhouette.

inspired by an old men’s military chino that carrie’s brother passed down to her. technically a high rise, kate can be worn to fit properly on your waist . or, kate can be worn a bit more loose and low on the hips.

kate is made from a beautiful 100% cotton 2x1 indigo selvage fabric. this denim chino is washed down in a way that might honestly fool you. it truly looks like it’s vintage as hell, the real deal.


not all denim is created equal.
imogene + willie

in 2009 we set up shop in Nashville, Tennessee
in a 1950s service station.

it started with the desire to make what we couldn’t find.
a perfectly fitting jean...

or perhaps more precisely:
to make perfect jeans for our imperfect bodies.