St. Christopher

“I want to die with my blue jeans on.”

– andy warhol

St. Christopher
St. Christopher

we began with the simple hope to sew a perfectly fitting jean for a man and the companion jean for a woman.

it was our dream that this gas station would become a destination for lovers of good denim.

every pair of imogene + willie jeans is patterned, cut and sewn from the highest quality denim we can find.

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make love. make art. make jeans.
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a carefully selected handful of new arrivals alongside some i+w classics... each meant to keep you warm on the coldest of nights.

imogene + willie nashville

in 2009 we set up shop in Nashville, Tennessee
in a 1950s service station.

it started with the desire to make what we couldn’t find.
a perfectly fitting jean...

or perhaps more precisely:
to make perfect jeans for our imperfect bodies.

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