frequently asked questions


how do i decide which style of jean will fit me best?

there are a hundred different ways to wear our jeans, and each person’s body and style can affect what they choose. that’s what we love about denim! but, we know it can be a bit overwhelming to choose your first pair. we recommend first focusing on our rise, leg opening, and wash options to get a sense of what kind of style you are looking for. if you have any questions, we’re always here to help. please give us a call at (615) 739 5286 or  directly, or email us at

how do i decide which size i am?

make sure to check the size and fit sections on each item for reference. you can use the measurements provided to compare the garment to a similar item at home. if you need additional help determining your size, contact us by directly or emailing us at

will my imogene + willie jeans stretch out?

if you have a pair of 100% cotton imogene + willie jeans, you can expect the fabric to relax with consistent wear. the jeans will soften and loosen a bit where it receives the most stress (around the hips, thighs, knees). if you have a pair of imogene + willie jeans in a stretch fabric, you can expect a minimal amount of stretch. we choose stretch fabrics that are meant to hold their shape. 

what does “rigid” or “raw” denim mean?

the terms "rigid" and "raw" refer to denim that is completely unwashed. nowadays, most jeans are pre-washed for softness and a worn-in look. by contrast, rigid jeans are dark and stiff. they require a break-in period and mold to the wearer’s body. to set the record straight, "rigid" denim does not mean "no-stretch." it refers only to unwashed denim. so technically, an unwashed pair of stretch denim can also be rigid. however, at imogene + willie, all of our stretch jeans have been rinsed or washed. they are not "rigid" or "raw." while we truly love breaking in a pair of rigid jeans, we develop each style, fit and fabric with you in mind. we hope that you’ll find the right jean to break in and make your own - worn in with your story.

what does the term “selvage” mean?

the term “selvage” refers to the finished edge of fabric produced on a shuttle loom. this clean edge is produced by one continuous cross thread (the weft) that is passed back and forth through the vertical threads (the warp) during the production of fabric. because shuttle looms create narrow pieces of fabric, a longer piece is needed to produce a single pair of jeans.

are imogene + willie jeans preshrunk?

our rigid fabric jeans are sanforized, a process that happens when the fabric is being made to reduce shrinkage. all of our washes, stretch blends, as well as tops for men and women are rinsed for shrinkage. however, you should expect your jeans to have a small amount of shrinkage at first wash. different fabrics will shrink varying amounts. if you have any questions about shrinkage or washing your jeans, contact us by directly or emailing us at

i plan to pre-soak my rigid imogene + willie jeans. are your rigid jeans shrink-to-fit?

our rigid jeans have a minimal amount of shrinkage at first wash. they do not shrink multiple sizes like some true shrink-to-fit fabrics. if you are interested in pre-soaking one of our rigid jeans, we recommend purchasing true to size.

what is an "inseam?"

inseam refers to the length of the inside seam of your pants, from the center crotch point all the way down to the bottom of your jean.

should i wait to hem my jeans until after the first wash?

we recommend you find the right size and fit before requesting a hem. you don't have to wash your jeans first (though it can help), but one thing to keep in mind is different fabrics will have different shrinkage amounts. as a general rule of thumb, it's safe to add at least an inch to your inseam request to account for shrinkage. please contact us by directly or emailing us at if you have any questions. we recommend that you have your jeans hemmed at the time of purchase when shopping in our stores. our staff is trained to help you find the right size and length for your hem. you can call our store at (615) 292 5005 with any questions.

what does "rise" mean?

this term refers most commonly to the "front rise" of a jean, or the distance from the center point of the crotch (where the seams meet) to the waistband above the top button. "back rise" refers to the distance from the center point of the crotch all the way to the top of the waistband in the back.

where is the "yoke" of a jean?

the yoke is the v-shaped section at the back of the jeans that gives jeans their curved seat. the yoke can range from very straight to a deep V shape and is related to the curve created in a jean. the basics: the deeper the yoke, the greater the curve in the seat.

what are rivets?

rivets are metal pins used to reinforce points of high stress on the jeans. we use rivets on the front pockets of our rigid jeans.

product care

should i wash my imogene + willie jeans?

yes. we make jeans for real people, people with messy, awesome, adventurous lives. our jeans get sweaty, dirty, smelly. sometimes they need washing. we don’t shy away from water, and we don’t want you to either. we recommend washing your jeans inside out with cold water on the gentle cycle, and hanging them to dry. for more information on how to care for your jeans, check out our denim care page.

how often should I wash my imogene + willie jeans?

there’s really no right answer to this question. we’ve seen great jeans that are washed every week. we’ve seen beautiful jeans that have never been washed. you can wash before you wear, or wait 6 months for the first wash. we recommend whatever works best for your life. in the end, the only suggestion we have for you is to wear often, and wash not so often. the more you love your jeans, the more they will love you (however, if you like concrete solutions to problems, once every 3 to 6 months is a safe bet).

what’s the best way to treat minor dirt and spots on my jeans?

if you want to spot clean your jeans we recommend letting the mess dry first. use a dry rag to gently brush the gunk away, and then slightly dampen the rag and blot the spot. DO NOT SCRUB! the friction from the rag can lift off the indigo on the fabric. if a light spot cleaning doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to give those jeans a wash.

should i put my jeans in the freezer to kill bacteria and odor?

as far as we know, there’s no scientific evidence that proves freezing your jeans will kill bacteria or minimize odors, but if it makes you feel good, go for it.

how can I prevent blowouts in my denim?

blowouts happen as a result of natural wear, which causes repeated friction and stress on the fabric. we’ve found the best way to keep your jeans lasting longer is to wash them when they’re dirty and repair them when they start to wear through. starch and grime naturally build up around points of friction and will make denim more fragile. a cold soak is the best way to rejuvenate, cleanse and soften the fabric. while you can’t prevent your jeans from wearing out eventually, they will last longer and remain stronger with regular washing and preventative attention. if you see a hole starting to form, get it fixed as soon as possible. we offer these repairs in our tailor shop, feel free to reach out to us at with any questions about sending your jeans in for a repair.


do you offer repairs on your jeans? what are the costs?

we offer free repairs during the first year you own your imogene + willie jeans. after the first year, we offer our repair services for a minimal fee. please see our repair policy for details.

i bought imogene + willie jeans from one of your retailers. do you offer alterations or repairs on i+w goods bought from another retailer?

at this time, we offer repairs and alterations only for jeans purchased through our online store or from one of our retail shops. if you purchased imogene + willie jeans from another retailer, we are able to offer repairs and alterations for a fee. if you have any questions, contact us by directly or emailing us at

i’m buying my jeans online, do you offer alterations or custom tailoring for online customers?

at this time we only offer hemming services for online customers. we offer hemming and other alterations at our Nashville Store. if you purchase jeans online and would like alterations beyond hemming, all fitting must be done in person by a trained imogene + willie staff within 30 days from the point of purchase.

i’m ordering online, but am not sure if i should order a custom inseam. can you help?

if you're ordering online for the first time, we recommend waiting on the custom inseam. once you find the right fit, you can either mail the jeans back to us for a hem or take them to a local tailor in your area. if you're familiar with our fit and sizing and have ordered from us before, measure the inseam of your current pair of imogene + willie jeans to determine their inseam. if you have any questions, contact us by directly or emailing us at

can you hem my imogene + willie jeans with a chain-stitch?

hell yes, all of our hems are done using a chain-stich machine. however, we do not offer original hems, in which the hem is removed and reattached, at this time.

what alterations do you offer on imogene + willie jeans?

we offer complimentary hems on imogene + willie jeans purchased in-store or online. please note: jeans with custom alterations are final sale.

i bought my jeans in your store and was pinned for a hem. when can I expect my jeans to be finished?

we’re so glad you were able to stop by and see us! our small sewing team works five days a week to keep up with all hems, alterations and repairs on our jeans. we try to have all jeans returned to the shop for pick-up or shipped out within a week. during holidays and busy weeks, it can take up to 2 weeks for alterations to be completed. if you have any questions at all, please email us at

how do i measure my inseam?

there's a few different ways to determine your inseam length. the one we'd recommend first would be to put your jeans on and roll them up the length you want them, and safety pin them there. or, you could measure the inseam of another pair of pants you like the length of and we could hem them to that measurement. make sure you measure with a cloth measuring tape (or a string, and then measure the string length) following along the inseam from the crotch seam down to the leg.


my package appears to be lost in the mail. can you help?

we will do everything we can! if your package is stuck in transit, please contact us by directly or emailing us at we’ll do our best to figure out how to get your order to you as quickly as possible. please make sure to request the correct delivery address and let us know if you have special delivery preferences (e.g. requesting signature confirmation). imogene + willie cannot accept responsibility or compensate you if your package was delivered to an incorrect, but requested address. imogene + willie cannot accept responsibility or compensate for missing packages if delivery to the correct address was confirmed. however, we are glad to assist with any shipping issues you may have.

what is your shipping policy/method?

all domestic orders are typically shipped via USPS, though we sometimes use alternative carriers depending on the situation, destination, and rates. rates are determined by weight and destination. please allow 1-2 business days for orders to ship. non-customized expedited orders placed before 1pm CT, will ship out same-day. during promotions, sales or holidays, ship time may be delayed up to 7 business days. orders received on weekend days and holidays will be processed no sooner than the following business day. domestic deliveries from our shipping courier do not require signature on delivery. however, if you would like to request signature on delivery for your shipment, contact us before placing your order online and we will discuss alternative shipping options and prices with you, and help you complete your order. for international orders, please note that we are not responsible for paying duties, customs, taxes, or tariffs once your package arrives at its destination country. to check the status of your order, please refer to the tracking email you received from us when your shipment label was created.

do you ship internationally?

yes! we ship all international orders via DHL. we highly recommend paying for duties and taxes during checkout on our website. this will speed up the delivery of your items. if you are an international customer and run into any problems with shipping or billing, please send an email to, and we’ll do our best to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. please note that imogene + willie is not responsible for any duties or taxes incurred within your home country.

where is imogene + willie? from where do you ship?

all orders are processed and shipped from our headquarters in Nashville, TN.


how can i check the status of my order?

you can check the status of your order by contacting us at we will do our best to respond within 24hrs during the business week. if you do not get a response within 24hrs, we are more than likely experiencing an unusually high email volume. we promise to respond as soon as possible. please allow up to 2 business days for orders to ship. during promotions, sales or holidays ship time may be delayed up to 7 business days. orders received on weekend days and holidays will be processed and shipped no sooner than the following business day. if you have a question about the status of your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

what is your return/exchange policy?

we are happy to offer an exchange or return for a refund for any full-priced item, including those ordered during a promotion, within 30 days of purchase. we are happy to offer free exchanges on any full-priced item. we believe the fit is an essential part of making a garment perfect. when you receive your item, try it out, and if for any reason it’s not perfect we’ll get you one that is, at no extra cost. please keep in mind that all returned and exchanged merchandise must be unworn, unwashed, and without alterations. sale items, gift cards, and one-of-a-kind pieces are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. refunds are subject to a $6 processing fee. for more information, please check out our return/exchange policy. and always feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions at any time.

how do i return/exchange an item?

start a return and complete steps to issue your return/exchange.

how can I change my order?

you can send order change requests to us by directly, calling us at (615) 739 5286 or emailing us at we will be happy to make changes to your order as long as it has not been shipped.

what payment methods do you accept?

imogene + willie accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards. we also offer PayPal, Shop Pay and Afterpay checkout through our website as well.

how do you charge sales tax?

sales taxes will be calculated automatically based on the tax laws of the shipping destination.

the item i want is sold out/backordered. what now?

due to the special and limited nature of many of our products, we may not be able to accommodate all immediate requests. in some cases, once sold out, an item may no longer be available. if you are interested in a sold out item, we recommend requesting to be notified when that item is back in stock by visiting that product page on our website and entering your email to our waitlist. we’ll make sure to email you as soon as this item is back in stock. lastly, if you have any questions about future availability, please email us at

do you honor price adjustments?

we will honor price adjustments on full priced items that have gone on sale if the change in price happens within 7 days of the original purchase. promotional or discount codes cannot be retroactively applied to any previous order.


are imogene + willie jeans custom-made?

well, yes, and no. we do not offer fully custom jeans, however we do offer custom alterations on all jeans purchased in our stores. we have several fits for both men and women, and our staff is trained to help you find the best fit for your body and style. they will guide you to the right length and can make minor adjustments if necessary for a perfect fit.

i’m planning a visit to one of your stores and would like to stop by and get fitted for a pair of jeans. do I need to make an appointment?

there is no appointment necessary. stop by any time we’re open. Both the Nashville and Austin shops can be pretty busy on the weekends, if you are planning to drop by with a large group, you can always email us at for tips on the best time of day to stop by.

i would love to interview Matt and Carrie about the company. how can i make that happen?

if you’re working on a special project or would like to feature Matt and Carrie or the imogene + willie story, please email to make arrangements.

questions, comments, concerns or feedback?

always feel free to email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. we appreciate any feedback you may have. you can also contact us by directly. for help by phone, please call (615) 739-5286. if you reach our voicemail, we will return your call at our earliest possible convenience.