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i+w x Musgrave Pencil Company

founded in 1916, Musgrave Pencil Company is a family-owned pencil manufacturer that has been producing in Shelbyville, TN for the entirety of their 100+ years of operation.

we were introduced to Musgrave this past summer, and as we visited their facility, we were awestruck. while denim and pencils may be wildly different crafts, they're both industries inseparably woven into the story of American manufacturing, enduring major shifts in trends, technology, and supply chains.

after witnessing their approach to producing firsthand, we were eager to work together -- so we went straight to the drawing board.

( 3-pack )

the carpenter pencil

each pencil is made from high-quality, genuine Tennessee red cedar.
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each pencil is made from high-quality, American-grown cedar that is cut, assembled, painted, and printed all under one roof at the Musgrave Pencil Company in "Pencil City" -- Shelbyville, TN.

( 12-pack )

the modern and traditional pencil packs

each one made from high-quality, American-grown California incense cedar.
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