over the last 14 years, we've gotten to collaborate with and pay homage to some very significant people who have inspired us in a myriad of different ways.

but this one feels different.

when the name "john prine" is spoken by our crew, it's with reverence.

he's a legend in every sense, especially in a city like nashville -- if you weren't acquainted with him when you moved here, you damn sure would be before long.

so when we had the chance to honor his legacy through a t-shirt, we were honestly intimidated at the idea of doing him justice.

we wanted to pay reverence to him as a songwriter -- insightful, poetic, and precise. but more than that, his family and team challenged us to represent his humor, compassion, and lightheartedness that they knew him by.

we were invited into his personal archive for inspiration. a collection of old photos, doodles, handwritten letters, postcards, journal entries... and found ourselves enamored with the personality of charming quirks and affections.

his love of christmas trees, year 'round.
his affinity and die hard collection of "archie" comics.
his insistence on always having ketchup on mustard on hand in his suitcase while he traveled.
his collection of small tchotchkes and keepsakes that resided in his pocket during every show he played.
the little things felt like the big things.

( introducing )

the "prine essentials" tee

an extremely limited edition t-shirt that for us is an unbelievable honor and a privilege to make.

all proceeds from each t-shirt sold will be donated directly to The Hello in There Foundation -- an initiative established by the family of John Prine, to honor his memory and continue the love, kindness, and generosity he shared with the world.

"i'd rather get a hot dog or a doughnut than write a song."

- john prine