( method no. 1 )

the machine wash

1) turn your jeans inside out

2) set washing machine to gentle cold (or other cold-water wash method - the less agitation the better)

3) let the machine begin to fill, add detergent

4) place your jean by itself in the washing machine

5) when the wash cycle is complete, pull jeans out and turn right-side out, shake or smooth any wrinkles or creases in fabric (to protect the unique character of your jeans, you can remove them before the spin cycle)

6) hang jeans to dry. if you're in a rush or prefer the dryer, go ahead and throw them in on tumble dry, no heat

( method no. 2 )

the tub soak

1) fill your tub with lukewarm bath water, add in a bit of detergent

2) submerge the jean and gently agitate the water, moving the jeans around, wipe away any excess dirt

3) let the jean soak for 10 - 15 minutes

4) let the water drain from the tub, and while draining, wring out any excess water from your jeans

5) hang the jeans to dry, make sure to smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the fabrics

( method no. 3 )

the no-wash

for those of you who want to keep the creases sharp and retain every detail of the life of those jeans, avoiding a wash or tub soak is a great option.

indigo will chip and break down around the points of highest friction - areas like the knees, hips and cuffs.

if you're keen on never washing, we recommend a few things for accidents that can happen. take a look at our general maintenance and care tips here.