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( general maintenance + care )

a few tips for general care and maintenance for the time between washes.

spot cleaning

let the mess dry. use a dry rag to brush the gunk away. then slightly dampen the rag and blot the spot. try not to scrub - friction will lift off the indigo, leaving you with a bright, whiter spot you want to avoid.


you can always let them air outside on a nice day or use a mild odor-fighting fabric spray when needed.


washing and drying your jeans can always result in a bit of shrinkage. even with cold water and no heat in the dryer, you may see slight shrinkage with rigid jeans. whenever possible, avoid heat.

indigo dye transfer

you may notice some indigo pull out of the jeans during the wash. it's natural, and normal. we recommend washing your jeans alone or with other denim.

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( the jeans )

denim repair

our tough little sewing team does not mess around. we’re ready and able to handle blow outs, rips, pocket bag holes, fraying hems, and a wide range of other repair needs.

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