about a month ago, we released our first ever "home" capsule -- a reflection of our relationship with how we choose to make, and how we choose to live.

as excited as we were about each item in that collection, we decided to hold one thing back until now... because we knew it deserved its own moment.

( introducing )

the "cascabel" canvas apron

we've wanted to make a kitchen apron for ages, simply because everyone (and i mean everyone) on our team loves to cook. food has an innate ability to foster connection with the people around you, and as we've said time and time again, community is at the heart of everything we do.

so, we started sorting through vintage french aprons, picking and choosing our favorite elements and subtle details, then got to work patterning one for ourselves.

the final result of this endeavor turned out better than we could have ever hoped. using a 100% cotton canvas in two beautiful shades of blue, we added an adjustable grommet neck, a large patch pocket with a contrast tool pocket, then finished things off with real indigo thread stitched into the bar tracks and straps.

this apron has quickly become something we reach for every day -- it's made for everyone... and every occasion. 

"home is not where you were born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease."

- naguib mahfouz