( introducing )

isabelle natural rinse

“it’s not polite to pick a favorite”.

we've all heard it before. but sometimes, you just can’t hold back from singling out the love for that favorite “one”.

we love all of our jeans. but truth be told... isabelle -- she’s our favorite.

when we first created the fit (the inaugural pair being indigo), we already were rushing ahead in our minds and selfishly picturing what we wanted to be wearing just about right now: those precious days where we transition from spring into summer.

we wanted to wear a jean that was rinsed, just enough to unlock the effortless nature of the denim. something that would be as wearable as anything we’ve ever made.

we wanted natural. so we chose a (lovely) natural denim. 100 percent cotton. it all felt just right.

but more so than it being right, it feels... well, natural.

featuring a high rise and a slightly relaxed top block, isabelle has the effortless silhouette of a jean that's made to be worn for years.

"give me the splendid, silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling."

- Walt Whitman