( new arrival )

the "bolt" sweatshirt

what originally began as a one-off vintage sweatshirt quickly evolved into an i+w staple. now, we're damn pleased to announce the return of our stitched "bolt" sweatshirt for the first time in years.

each felt bolt has been cut and stitched by hand, and for the white iteration, we took things to the next level: dying and washing each one in-house, right here at our nashville home. the devil's truly in the details.

each sweatshirt is patterned, cut, and sewn in the USA from an American-made 23oz, 100% cotton 3-end terry -- a heavyweight crewneck inspired by the days when a sweatshirt was built to take a beating.

"if the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?"

- ernst haas