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jack jacket in french blue

originally hand-sewn in our Nashville service station, jack was the first jacket we ever made. a classic utility coat, it's the one you work in, live in, and keep forever.

a lot has changed since we first started making this jacket -- but it's remained a garment that we're still immensely proud of.

when the original fabric we used for the jack went out of production, we went straight to Mt.Vernon (one of the last remaining mills producing fabrics exclusively in the USA) to recreate it. 

it was a lengthy process, but we were able to work together to get this fabric just right so we could bring it back.

each jacket is sewn from a 10oz, 100% cotton canvas from Mt.Vernon, an American owned-and-operated mill that has been producing fabrics here in the USA for over 175 years.

there are fewer and fewer mills still standing strong and producing fabrics domestically in the USA, so we were beyond grateful for the chance to work with them directly to bring this team favorite back to life.