in the early days of i+w, we had just made our first pair of jeans, and we desperately wanted to offer folks that walked through our doors at least a little something other than our denim.

one day, while digging for vintage, we found ourselves sitting in the middle of what could only be described as a treasure chest -- we had scored hundreds of vintage blank military shirts.this find was far more than a solution to our dilemma --  it gave us the perfect starting point for what became our first i+w t-shirt.

the sunfaded "plus" tee

each tee is small-batch washed, dyed, and set out to fade in the sun to achieve a subtle, soft fade. the beauty of this batch of tees truly lies in the diversity of shade: all of them somewhat the same --- but uniquely different.

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each "plus" tee is patterned, cut, and sewn by our team of ten in the i+w workshop from our lightweight 100% cotton fabric.