about us

in 2009, we introduced our dream with only a single email. our plan was to try and sell 250 jeans in our inaugural fits: imogene (for women) and willie (for men). orders started coming in from all over the country and then, from all over the world. we sold 250 pairs in three weeks then another 250 in the weeks that followed.

in the years since, many things have changed -- we constructed our own sewing room in los angeles, opened a second home in austin and put more legs in jeans than we could have ever imagined.

however, our intent remains the same. we still believe in making garments with substance that transcend simple trends, and more importantly, we remain steadfastly committed to making everything here in united states.

our people 

since the very beginning, imogene + willie has been, and forever will be, shaped by the people around it. simply put, community is at the heart of everything we do.