two nights ago, in the early hours of the morning, a tornado touched down here in nashville. some were given a few precious minutes to prepare themselves, others were caught completely off guard. the amount of destruction that occured monday night simply can't be put into words, and the losses that occured to both the individuals of our tight-knit community and our fellow small businesses cannot be overstated.

this isn't the first time our city's spirit of resilience has been tested, and the widespread response from our surrounding community has been a clear manifestation of that spirit.

we're donating every penny we make from all sales of the "nashville" tee this month for those affected by the tornado. for us, this isn't about selling shirts. it's about helping our city. if you want to buy a shirt, we'll turn that into a donation. if you don't want to buy a shirt, below are two main websites where you can donate or sign up to volunteer.

lastly, we have had march 26th marked on our calendars for our first supper & song of the year. it is our hope that we can band together with local musicians, along with anyone else who wishes to participate, in helping continue to raise money to support the effort of rebuilding our precious city. if you, or anyone you know would like to play, donate, contribute, please reach out.

with love,
the i+w team