the tailor shop

we strive to make the best jeans we can. and we want to make sure they last a long, long time. that's why, since day one, the tailor shop has always been here: to repair, improve, and fortify your jeans—so that you can put more miles into them.

if a zipper or button breaks, we can fix that. if the knees rip, the seat blows out, or any other repair comes up along your journey, we’ve got you covered.

whether you live in Nashville or hundreds of miles away, the tailor shop is here for you.

if you need a repair, or just have questions about the tailor shop, please reach out to us. we’d love to help.

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chainstitch hems

we're really proud to offer complimentary chainstitch hems on all of our pants. we want to make sure you know a few things before we move forward.

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