tomorrow is mother's day.

we feel deeply fortunate to have the moms that we do, and although motherhood is something that should be celebrated more than once a year, we want to recognize those mothers we know and love -- specifically those we work with here at i+w every day.

we see in them the embodiment of motherhood.

the balance of pursuing their personal passions at work and their constant desire to be present, connected parents...sharing life side-by-side with their kids.

as many of you already know, it's not easy.

we are thankful for you and what you represent. your love and time don't go unnoticed.

it means everything.

with all our love,

from the daughters, sons, husbands, and partners of tough and loving moms here at i+w.

"to know is not all; it is only half. to love is the other half."

- john burroughs
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the indigo "heart" tee

it's simple really, love is everything.

indigo-dipped by hand in-house, then screen-printed here in nashville.