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kyle allen | Creative Consultant & Producer

we have dug through dirty piles of junk in vintage warehouses searching for “the one.” and i have begged strangers to buy the t-shirts off of their backs. i also have bought new white t-shirts. a lot of them. but with all due respect - i’ve never found “the one.”

we knew from the beginning that we would make the other piece to the uniform: the imogene + willie t-shirt.

here’s to hoping your life is about to get a lot easier.

cedric smith | painter and photographer

macon, georgia

this is a landmark in the history of american made denim. we are releasing two jeans--one women's and one men's--both sewn from the first premium selvage denim to be manufactured in the United States since the closure of Cone Denim White Oak plant in 2017. these jeans are the first pairs to be sewn from denim woven at the new, soon to be legendary, American manufacturing facility, Vidalia Mills.

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