from this moment on, our jeans cost less.

the fabric is the same, the thread is the same, and the quality is better than it has ever been.

let me explain… let's back up.


matt and i are often asked what has been the most satisfying part about starting our own business.

and for the most part, our answers to this question have never quite been the same.

i love that. especially with us having lived a life of uber amounts of “same” - childhood pals, husband and wife, as well as business partners - it’s a needed breath for both of us to see things differently and for our satisfactions, likes and dislikes to not always be the same.

having said that, i wish today were the day that someone would ask us both what the most satisfying part has been about starting i+w. but, let me warn you… today, our answers are the same.

over the past 6 years, we’ve shared a lot regarding the original vision of imogene + willie and the ups and downs of working to sustain that vision.

the dream has always been to thoughtfully develop and produce enough jeans for the people that wanted to wear them. and above all, for the jeans to be made with respect to the highest standards of quality.

we have laid awake many nights for years, working through how to supply the demand. but, we have had to just let it happen naturally… let it grow slow.

and it did. now, it’s like looking at a 6 generation family tree. the tree grows, because the roots have been established.

but, the big piece of the dream that could not be realized until the customer came, the word of mouth spread, thus the roots being established - was our initial goal of some day being in the position to make our product more affordable.

bottom line: because you have engaged in being a part of this brand, imogene + willie has really grown.

growth now enables us to act on the bigger piece of the dream.

we’ve worked to remain transparent since day one, sharing the specifics of the expenses of a little tiny brand like us making product in america.

more jeans in production means we are able to lower our costs - which, in turn, means we can lower the prices of our products. so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

it’s not a massive discount, but it’s a significant step. we are producing jeans made with the original dedication to continually further our standards of quality. they are better than they have ever been and now, they cost less.

what has been the most satisfying part about starting imogene + willie for both matt and me? today.

with sincere thanks (and excitement),

p.s. we’ve been working hard to prepare more and more blue jeans to support the introduction of lower prices. please be patient with our team, as we continue the long day-and-night work to get jeans on the shelves with more speed. production is bumpin! but, speed cannot outweigh quality. if your style or size is not currently available, please reach out to us, we are committed to keeping you in the loop on product restocks.