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you never forget your first

there’s something special about your first.

first pair, that is. and in this case, the very first pair ever of imogene. and of willie.

before we officially started this company, we spent a long time developing the patterns for our inaugural women’s fit, imogene... and men’s fit, willie. Nestor would sew one of each and Matt and i would try them on.

it wasn’t right.

then he would adjust the pattern and make the next set. it still wasn’t there. and then again. still a no-go. this went on for five months. and then there was that one magical day when we slid the prototypes on with critical eyes and defeated spirits... finally, they were ready to go and right! we knew it.

so from that day forward, i wore the very first fit approved imogene, and Matt – his willie. both, made from 100% cotton rigid fabric.

as years have now passed, Matt only has added four more willies to his personal collection. (he starts a new pair at the beginning of each year. he sticks to willie, because that is the best fit for him. not for everyone.)

i, on the other hand, got on the bandwagon and started testing and wearing new fits as we have made them, and got away from rigid and into stretch.

i looked in our closet several months ago admiring Matt’s collection of four. and then i looked over at my side of the closet. a shit ton of jeans on hooks. i was grossed out and a bit ashamed of my collection of... too many. so i decided at that very moment to go back home to that very first pair.

i love the fit. i love that it is second skin to my body. i love that those two pairs of pants pretty much chronicle our lives. but what i love the most: that first imogene and that first willie take us back to the beginning... to home. where it all began.

there’s something special about your first. where were you in your life when you got your first pair?