our story

we’ve always been friends. friends since the summer when matt came to my sixth grade back-to-school swim party. 20 years later, in 2006, matt and i were married.

over the years, i remember a few specific moments where matt and i realized, even without knowing it at the time, that we would create something together.

we introduced our dream with only a single email. our plan was to try to sell 250 jeans in our inaugural fits: imogene (for women) and willie (for men). orders started coming in from all over the country, and then from all over the world. we sold 250 pairs in three weeks, then another 250 in the weeks that followed.

it was looking like imogene + willie could become a reality. so, after months of planning, matt and i set up shop in an old service station in Nashville, TN.

we opened our doors on a warm day in July, inviting everyone we knew, and a lot of people we didn’t. and we threw a party.

on that hot and balmy Nashville night in July, the dream of imogene + willie suddenly became real.

No. 1

out of blue

DECEMBER 14, 2010

we started our brand with an online campaign. we sent out a blog two years ago at 3am in the morning in january and told people about our dream. we just simply wanted to sew a good jean for both men and women that fit perfectly. we hoped that the gas station would become a destination for lovers of denim and other treasures...

our process

it started with the desire to make what we couldn’t find. a perfectly fitting jean... or perhaps more precisely: to make perfect jeans for our imperfect bodies.