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letter from a friend

depart New York
land in LA.
realize the world has stopped.
don't go back to New York.

this was my reality as the depth of the sitation set in. a one-week job in LA turned into an indefinite stay. swapping the confines of a city apartment in Brooklyn for a canvas tent in the rural hills of Topanga. i go to sleep with coyotes howling, and wake up with rabbits next to my bed (seriously).

meet tony (and shawn).

they're two photographer friends of i+w who found themselves stranded in LA (a long way from their homes) at the very beginning of all of this.

for the last two months, they've each been living out of a suitcase. but, like all of us, they're making the most of it. they spend their days reading books, making art, playing music, baking bread, and the list goes on.

we've been in touch regularly for a few weeks, and we wanted to see if they'd share their current world with us as we announce our newest release.

they were totally down.



a military trouser that was patterened from an old pant that has been worn down to the threads.

sewn from an 8oz cotton/nylon ripstop cloth woven in Japan. inspired by the classic camouflage fabrics originally used by the US military in teh early 1960's.

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“people can change anything they want to. and that means everything in the world.”

- joe strummer