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i got mine in 2008, many months before we opened the doors at the gas station in Nashville.

it was the first officially approved prototype.

i remember the first time i put on imogene rigid, maybe similarly to one remembering the birth of their first child. what an unfair comparison, but it’s the truth. matt walked in our house with it in hand. i grabbed the jean from him, dropped my drawers right there in our kitchen, and put it on.

i didn’t take it off for 3 days, mostly because i needed to observe and learn how long it would take this rigid, unwashed jean to let go of its initial state of stubborn stiffness and conform into something that felt familiar to me… my body. i remember when that magic moment happened on day 3. but i still needed to know more. i needed to understand how the jean would evolve AFTER that day. i needed to understand the changes yet to come. we weren’t going to sell it to anyone until i could personally explain those “first days” to them. so, i wore that imogene rigid every day for 6 months before we sold the first one.

now 8 years later, that very first pair is still the only jean i wear.

i love everything about imogene rigid.

i love that it’s not synthetic. i love that something unwashed has a better chance of being soft when it’s broken down by life instead of a machine. i love that this jean reminds me every day that instant gratification is a shortcut and a road that i now choose to be less traveled. i love that this jean (my imogene rigid) is the only material object i own that can honestly and vulnerably tell the flawed story of me.

it also means one more thing to me. this jean reminds me of the original goal we had when making it:

imogene rigid was made with the intent for women to wear a jean that encourages the acceptance and celebration of their bodies.

that means everything to me.

with love,