imogene + willie x alpha industries

a collaboration forged between two brands through a common bond.

despite nearly 50 years time between the first days of imogene + willie in 2009 and the creation of Alpha Industries back in 1959, we both started our production with the same foundation: everything we made was made in tennessee.

for decades, Alpha Industries, produced U.S. made military-issue garments. until the 1990s when, like the majority of American manufacturing, their production moved overseas.

but we believe the past doesn't belong in a vault, so together with Alpha Industries, we worked to create a curated collection of 14 limited edition military inspired pieces.

over the course of the last year, we were given exclusive access to over 60 year's worth of the Alpha Industries American-made military archive, every piece we created is directly inspired by the original vintage versions.

and like everything we put our label in, each garment has been entirely produced in the USA.

our goal has always been to create a broader impact than what we as a smaller business can directly make -- it is our hope that if we can get larger companies to think this way, together we can help more people think about how and where their goods are made.

you have to start somewhere.