our guide to giving

why we give / what to give

why do we let this time of year get so stressful? you know that sensation that starts to creep up in your body? maybe you feel it in your shoulders or in your chest, or in your throat?… the pressure we put on ourselves to mark names off of our list, after securing something to put in a box for the ones that we love.

let’s all do a re-set. let’s remember the joy that comes with giving any gift that’s chosen with intention and love. relax.
take a deep breath. even the discovery should be a pleasure.

have fun!

the i+w watch cap

our cold weather staple - the warm and cozy stocking stuffer, an ‘i don’t know what to get you but it looks like i did,’ or a perfect gift add-on just because.


the i+w candle

"the right smell at the right moment can change your day, your mood, everything.

the i+w saying "to us, it simply smells like home" has changed.... for us, it's more than home. it has become intertwined with the best parts of home:
a reprieve from the hustle of every day.
a night in with your loved one.
having your your closest friends over for dinner.
a sunrise cup of coffee while the morning thaws.
and so many more...

we started giving friends and loved ones this candle.

now it doesn’t just smell like home, it smells like my brother's home, my parent's home, some of our closest friend's homes and all of our favorite moments in those homes."

- jonathan


agnes chore coat

“agnes is not your average chore coat. as timeless as her name, she is distinctly feminine and wonderfully functional. with her large pockets and boxy shape, agnes serves the modern woman by helping her get shit done. i love that the natural canvas is strong but softens with wear and shows signs of life lived while wearing this coat. this is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t worry about getting dirty but still always manages to look great.”



"this is a true story.
it was december in 2009...
the first holiday season at the shop.

the cutest lady speed walked through the door one afternoon. i didn’t know her, but she seemed so familiar to me, eerily looking like someone i knew. the cute fast walker did about 2 laps around the shop, and then said, 'hi. i’m will’s mom. my kids all want jeans for christmas. i need gift cards'.

will’s mom! will worked at the coffee shop next door, and had become a fast friend to all of us.

i was so happy to meet will’s mom that afternoon, but simultaneously was freaking out - as we didn’t have gift cards!

in lieu of a fancy gift card, i grabbed three blank hang tags. i scribbled our logo at the top, and then wrote some semblance of gift certificate lingo, with lines for will’s mom to fill in the blanks.

about 3 weeks later, will came dancing in to the shop, waving his hang tag. he handed us his gift certificate, of which his mother had filled in the blanks.

it read:
'this gift certificate
entitles will
to the purchase of product from imogene + willie
in the amount of your favorite pants
with love from your mother'

our gift card still looks the same today. and every year since that december of 2009, we’ve contemplated a fancy update. we always come to the same conclusion, though: some things don’t need to change. just as some things never change... like love from your mother."



wyatt montrose

"buying jeans for a woman as a gift can be daunting, overwhelming, and honestly... almost impossible. however, there is a hat trick... a magic women’s jean that is what i consider the PERFECT gift. our wyatt jean has become a staple in my closet. it is the jean that i want to wear every day. i have to force myself to wear anything else.

it is not intimidating. it is accepting. wyatt comes with no fuss. i never worry that it will feel too tight. it’s just right, always. no matter how i’m feeling, after i put on my wyatt, i feel right. hear me: every gal needs a wyatt. it is a wonderful gift. and make sure to tell your gal... we are here for her, if she has any questions whatsoever, or the desire to exchange for another fit or size."

- katy


the leo selvage western

"let’s face it, finding a vintage worn in western shirt is a difficult task. then you have to find one that actually fits you... and if thats not enough, one where the elbows aren’t completely blown out!

meet our Leo Western shirt. it’s all the the things one looks for in a vintage western shirt without the hassle!!! oh, and did i mention it’s selvage?"

- matt

emil erwin x imogene + willie brass lanyard

emil erwin's signature belt in natural

"what i love about this belt is what you can’t really see now. both the leather and the copper will age in such a beautiful way - the natural leather will start to darken and take on character almost immediately and over time the bright copper will patina and darken as well creating a rich combination.

i have been to emil’s studio and witnessed the love and care put into the design and construction of each belt… it is “the” belt as matt told me early on when we were working to take a deeper dive into business together.

it is a solid piece and i constantly find myself recommending it to my closest friends - none of which have been disappointed."



1950s "st. christopher" medal pendant

“when i think about life’s real gifts, more than just pretty boxes with bows and ribbon, i think about the life we experience together. i think about memories made with those we love.

traditionally, st. christopher has been known as the patron saint of travelers, a protection to those on the move. as someone who has seen the far end of many a winding highway, i’ve come to appreciate always having st. christopher in my pocket. around my neck. by my side.

this little object seems like the perfect symbol of the gifts we really aim to share. more than just a wish for protection, it represents the invitation to adventure — to get out there and take chances... and know that someone’s always got your back.

oh, and at the simplest level, the rarity of the pendants and the vintage drop chains they come on really feel like an earthly treasure —

in the words of songwriter ray wylie hubbard: “'some things under heaven are just cooler ’n hell.'"



imogene + willie x little river sock mill

"it’s funny how a little bit of growing up changes your perspective; i remember being a child and having to force a smile when i would open a gift to find i had been given socks. fast forward to today, and i couldn’t think of a better gift.

i was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the little river sock mill in person. i saw firsthand the care and attention that went into each pair of socks that were produced; no detail was left overlooked, and the pride they exuded over their handiwork was undeniably evident.

it’s difficult to find a practical gift that also matches the affection i feel for my loved ones, but these socks fit the bill."

- zacchaeus


"leave the beaten track behind occasionally and dive into the woods."

- a.g. bell