a new year, a new pair

jeans are sacred. they always have been.

people say to me all the time, “you must have so many jeans!” or “your closet must be so full of jeans.” but it’s quite the contrary.

i have seven pairs of jeans. one for every year imogene + willie has been open.

i wear jeans almost every single day. my jeans start the same way as everyone else who shops at imogene + willie: dark, stiff and a little tight at first.

i wear that one pair of jeans every day to see how they look after time. i do not forsake them. i do not start a “new pair” half-way through the year.

if they get something on them that is impossible to get out, i rejoice in that spot. i love that my jeans become a timeline of my life. i rarely remember what happened yesterday, much less last week. but with my jeans, i can tell you what, where, when, and how i got that stain, or paint spot... who i was with, and so on...

i wash them! i know. you’re thinking “WHAT? you wash them?” yes. not often, but i do wash them.

after the first few days of wear, i like to tub soak my new jeans to soften them up a bit. after the first wash, i try not to wash them unless it’s absolutely necessary. mainly because i love the way they fit after some time has passed, and i don’t want to do anything to change that. but sometimes they just get too dirty, or i start to smell like, well you know... not good! and after every wash they totally stretch back into that comfort i have grown accustomed to.

wearing jeans in from a rigid start, to me, is an art project. where the end result (or maybe there is no end) can be seen by everyone.

i guess at the end of the day i’m pretty simple. a new year, a new jean.

– matt